I first met Kwanthar over three years ago when he dropped in to print his wedding invites with us. As a thank you, he brought over some cold brewed coffee from the East Vic Park cafe he was then managing. I could tell here was a guy who knew his coffee and enjoyed sharing his love for it with others. Not long after that, he embarked on his coffee roasting business, Pastel Coffee, doing all the roasting himself, supplying to local cafes, as well as selling online. He stayed in touch with us where we helped with his printing needs and on several occasions, he’d give us sample bags of roasted coffee beans to try when he came by. I was never much of a coffee snob before but freshly roasted coffee is really something else. You can expect richer, more complex flavours compared to what you buy from supermarkets, where the beans may have been sitting on the shelves for months, gradually losing freshness. This was a little luxury I decided was worth turning into a daily ritual, so I asked Kwanthar one day if he’d be interested in roasting me a ‘Printer’s Blend’, which is how it all began.

My idea, I told Kwanthar, was I wanted to share his amazing coffee with my valued clients and also have it every day at work myself. He sat down with me and we did a tasting session to figure out what I liked and he nailed it with what’s now ‘Printer’s Blend’. The blend consists of 70% Brazilian, 30% Ethiopian grown beans, and the medium to dark roast has a delicious hazelnutty, caramel note to it, which works perfectly for my standard flat white with one sugar. It’s honestly as good as the best cups I’ve had from my favourite cafes around Perth.

Sometimes I go to bed now thinking about that first cup of coffee in the morning.

If you are ordering some printing from us, you may find a bag of coffee thrown in every now and again. It’s too good not to share.

Check out Pastel Coffee at www.pastel.coffee and discover for yourself what I’m raving on about.

Photo credits: Izzy San Martin