Terms & Conditions

  • Any quotes we provide are valid for 30 days.
  • Prices may differ if changes to specifications have been made from time of quoting.
  • We request full payment prior to the commencement of any print job unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed upon.
  • Payment can be made, if not through our online ordering system, by EFT if you have been provided an invoice (please email remittance advice to us to avoid delays) or by credit card over the phone / in-store.
  • In the event there is a pricing error through our website ordering system, we reserve the right to decline and/or cancel the order. Any amount paid by the customer will be promptly refunded.


  • Please ensure all artwork files provided are print-ready and conform to our print file specification guidelines. We accept no liability for delays in the ordering process for files which are not print-ready, or for any delays that arise during the transferring of files.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully review and check for any errors in the final artwork file prior to printing. We will not be responsible for errors contained in artwork files provided to us, or for artwork we helped create where the client has confirmed the final proof for printing.
  • The customer confirms that they are authorised to reproduce any artwork that they provide us (including all content contained within the artwork) and that they are not infringing copyright in any way.
  • If you have selected our typesetting service, we will layout your artwork based on the instructions you provide us.  Any overly complex or detailed design requests will cost extra, which you will be informed of before work commences should this be the case.  All content, logos and images is to be provided by the client. Ensure any logos or images provided are high enough resolution for print (300dpi). Up to two revisions are included in the listed price; any revisions beyond this will be charged at our hourly design service rate of $110 inc. gst per hour.


  • We take pride in providing our customers with a high-quality digital print service. Should our service ever fall short of your expectations, please let us know how we can improve.
  • Colour: While we have quality control measures in place to ensure accurate and consistent colours, the customer accepts that there is a possibility of minor colour shifts between print runs (+/- 5%). Please understand that there will also be subtle colour differences depending on what stock you print on and finishes such as lamination can change the final appearance considerably. If your job is colour critical, we advise that you ask for a print proof prior to proceeding with your order (charges apply).
  • Please note that the final trim size of jobs may vary +/-1-2mm and trimming may be +/-1-2mm off from trim marks, as per industry standards.
  • We reserve the right to change the paper stock we print on without notification to a different brand with equivalent specifications in the event we have issues with supply.
  • While we endeavour to provide accurate quantities, the customer should be aware that there may be occasions in production printing where a +/-5% variation from the requested amount occurs. In most cases there will be slightly more rather than less, but if exact quantities are critical, please let us know at the time of ordering.
  • If the customer is not experienced with ordering printing or not familiar with the service and options we provide, we recommend they talk to us for clarification. No refunds or reprints will be entertained where a customer has made a mistake with what they have specified in their print order.


  • If an order has been made but the customer needs to cancel, a 15% cancellation fee applies in cases where we have not yet started processing the job. No refunds will be given if the job is already underway.
  • We do not give refunds or exchanges for completed jobs under any circumstances unless there is an evident print quality issue.
  • Should there be any print quality issues and you are not satisfied, please inform us within 7 days of receiving your order.
  • If we agree that the problem is legitimate and we were at fault, a reprint of the job will be offered.
  • The customer will not make Tako Print Solutions liable for any problems arising from print issues or delays (such as loss of income or failure to meet a deadline).